Hosting a Bingo Trivia Game

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Some people are fund of hosting game events such as Bingo. If you want to make bingo more interesting, you might want to add trivia in it; that way, it would be fun and educational as well. By definition, trivia is a knowledge that may be unimportant but interesting. More often than not, it is a part of a generally large important topic. For game hosts, this game typically involves printing bingo trivia.

Hosting a Bingo Trivia Game

How to Create a Printable Bingo Trivia

From a wide variety of topics, choose a subject of your interest or a subject that would interest your players; you may choose something that is related to the occasion. It is important that you choose a subject that is huge enough to be broken down into a number of trivia. You should only stick to one huge topic to make it easy for you and for your players to make and understand.

Develop a format that enables you to add the fun facts. In bingo trivia, bingo sheets are printed with trivia answers (instead of numbers) which will be handed to the bingo players.

You may use a software program to help create and print a bingo trivia cards. You may use word processors, such as MS Word, which allows you to produce tables that will organize the pattern of your trivia answers.

You can also look for trivia generators over the web that will help you in creating your own trivia by adding thee answers. Some online trivia generators also offer trivia topics in case you haven’t decided on a subject yet.

Print the trivia questions and cut them into strips. Mix this question strips in the container.

Mechanics of the Bingo Trivia Game

Hosting a Bingo Trivia Game

The host will pick and read questions from the container.

Hosting a Bingo Trivia Game

The player will mark the answer on their bingo card. Whoever forms a vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or blackout wins the game.

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